Ossian and National Epic

Contents: Howard Gaskill: Why 'Ossian'? - Gerald Bär: Ossian - no laughing matter? - Sebastian Mitchell: Macpherson, Ossian, and Homer's Iliad - Ana Maria Garcia Bernardo: Pseudotranslations before and after Ossian: The subversive potential for European culture - Gauti Kristmannsson: The Epic Nature of the Nation: the Need for an Epic in European National Literatures - Claude Rawson: From Epic to Fragment: Reflections on Poetic Change - Pirjo Lyytikäinen: The Kalevala: Inventing the national cultural memory - John Greenfiled: ... die Teutsche Ilias ...: Das Nibelungenlied and the Rise of German Nationalism - Peter Hanenberg: Nationalism on Stage: Kleist's Drama Die Hermannsschlacht - Klemens Detering: Peter Weiss's 'Ästhetik des Widerstands': Epic of the failed Antifascist Resistance? - Alexandre Dias Pinto: Rewriting the origins of the national master narrative in Robert Southey's «Fabulous History (of Portugal)» - Vasco Graça Moura: The Lusiads as a global epic - Landeg White: Translating Nationalism - Katerina Karakassi: Traces of Homer or the shadow of the past: Solomos - Cavafy - Enrico Mattioda: From Primitivism to Realism: The Italian Epic - Lydia Schmuck: ThePoema de Mio Cid as a Vehicle of Political Ideas: Functionalization of National Figures in Spanish Literature during the Dictatorship - João Soares Santos: Recitations of Ancient Deeds - Maria Aparecida Ribeiro: Iracema and Peri versus Tarzan: the epics of Alencar in cartoon form - Maria do Rosário Lupi Bello: «Camões» or the name of «Portugal»: literature and myth in the Seventh Art - Joep Leerssen: The bard's garb: Ossian's dress sense - Calum Colvin: Ossian - An Epic Visual Journey.

Katerina Karakassi: Traces of Homer or the shadow of the past: Solomos - Cavafy, p.189-202.